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February - June: I have been steady in adding to the site but have been taking a break from day to day, "check the site" as I have done in the past. This is much better. So, I have added in these pages. 山釣りJOY (Yama tsuri joy) Mountain Fishing Joy, Tenkara Techniques for Slack Water Trout, ストーリー, Keiryu Monogatari (Keiryu Story) by Soseki Yamamoto, another title of the same, Keiryu Monogatari (Keiryu Story) by Soseki Yamamoto, Tenkara Kaitai Shinsho by Hisao Ishigaki. I bought a couple of new rods by River Peak, a 3.3 and 3.8m rod set that is light, full flexing and they look like excellent level line rods. This will probably be my next addition to the site.

January: I've been busy at the site but not maintaining the site diary here. So here we go, Tippet Rings, Fluorocarbon Tippet and Knot Comparison, Lake Fork, Conejos, Colorado, Valles Caldera, New Mexico, Rio de los Pinos and MontBell Fishing Bag. I created a social media forum: Facebook Honryu Tenkara, I feel like it is a good group. Lots of my Japanese friends, good information.

Working on removing bad links.

January Notes: Add in Nissin Oni Honryu 450, Discover Tenkara Karasu 400, Genryu Tsuri book, Genryu Tenkara book, another Genryu Tenkara book, TenkaraFromJapan Youtube channel, New Honryu Season,  Sunline Tapered Fluorocarbon Line, FC Line System Fluoro Level Line


September: Working on the Soseki Yamamoto collective, updating the Contents page with buried appropriate content, fishing and having fun making Tenkara-Fisher. Updating the "About Us" page to include the dedication to Soseki Yamamoto.

Sept Notes: Collect images and include on site pages.

August: I have been working on a Soseki Yamamoto dedication for tenkara-fisher. It is a collective piece much like the previous works I have done in the past. I had another box made by Richard Setina for myself and a friend that I have added in. I've been doing a little fishing with a couple of new rods. A Karasu 360 and I switched from the Tenryu TF39TA to a TF39 which is the non-zoom. I will detail a little about those rods soon.

I'm starting to take a much more relaxed approach toward the site. 

I should have done this a long time ago.

July: It has been a difficult month but we are nearing the end and I am doing well. 

I have taught 4 new tenkara fishers. I feel good about that and I am getting back to normal at tenkara fisher. I simply forgot about updating the "What's New" page. So I will give it a brief run down to catch up the year. I am changing my quiver again, I'm realizing that my "one rod" idea isn't a good idea. I chose a zoom rod for it's versatility and I don't use the two other lengths, I only use one. I like the compactness of the Furaibo zoom but it is too complex for the short nest length. I love the action of the rod but it has two strikes against it, the color which is the last thing I choose in a rod and the zoom. I have chosen a non-zoom tenkara rod as my primary and will use that along with it's longer length version for honryu. I've finished my travel kit by having a bag made by Zimmerbuilt to hold the belt, net, rod and if I want, my tying kit. Anyway, I will be getting back to updating here. I am currently working on a collective article, "Tenkara Secrets" and it is coming along wonderfully.

June 27: Starting a draft on, "Designing a Kebari Box"

May 31: Genryu Fishing of Jalpan #46

April 13: Interview with Morgan Lyle

January 31: Posted "What I've Learned about Tenkara"

January 24: Working on the newest collective article, "What I've Learned About Tenkara" and it's turning out great. I am in a flat spell but will wake up soon. Tenkara has always been somewhat seasonal for me. I am excited to get back to writing.

January 14: Catching up on adding in work I did here. I am working in the background but forgetting to add in my notes here. I added a Karasu 400 and a Tenkara Mini 360 to my quiver as well and will be reviewing soon. I am working on a collective article, "What I've Learned About Tenkara" that appears to be an excellent topic.

January 7: Added in Genryu Fishing of Japan #45

January 1: Secured Morgan Lyle interview.


December 3: Added in Ultra Minimalist Tenkara Equipment V2

November 28: Updating Making a Wading Staff with the latest.

November 17: Back at writing for my own site again. I got sucked back into social media but I have escaped the suck and am writing about my equipment. Zippered Rod Case, Ultra Minimalist Tenkara Kit V2 and Mini Nets inspired by Japanese tenkara fishermen. This was the biggest gap for the year so far and it was a waste of my time and energy. Note to self, stay focused here, it's a lot more fun.

October 15: Added in a Contact Us link to the title menu.

October 7: Added in an article I wrote for Tenkara Angler magazine on Honryu.

October 6: Links page checked to insure all links resolve. Updated the About Us page to reflect new changes in the site.

September 28: Working on backend site stuff with Michal Agneta. I've picked out a few images for the new header. It's been a while looking at that Iwana, time to look at another one. Writing up Sakura Kongo and Seki Rei info. I need to get back to helping anglers get these rods in their hands.

September 24: Phew! After much intense background work, I release Quivers! for review.

September 20: Lots of work in the background. I am putting together a collective survey of what equipment people have and what they choose from it. Quivers! is the name of the piece and it's an epic. I have 25 or so anglers participating, four left to finish, lots of e-mail and back and forth but worth it. Also final coat of my Wading Staff. Will be glad to get that out of the way too.

September 18: Minimalism is Everything posted, nuff said.

September 15: Updated the Tenryu Furaibo TF39AT page. Updating the Quivers! page as the surveys are returned. Updated the front page of the site to include a world map and page counter, thank you Michael Agneta. Updating Making a Wading Staff with new pics as I finish the project.

September 14: Updating Making a Wading Staff, working on Quivers! in the background. This is a nearly 30 participant collective on the equipment people have collected and what they choose for a day on stream. It has become a HUGE project but I am enjoying the wide range of people that are participating. Posted #44 Stories of Genryu; Miracle Day in the Valley of Yakuwa

September 5: Updated Travel Tying Kit

September 4: Working on Making a Wading Staff in the background. Sent off Jun Maeda interview.

September 1: Added in many links, Making a Tamo, Designing a Level Line for Your Tenkara

August 27: Added in Sugegasa

August 11: Added in fishing water wheel 8/11/19.

August 10: Added in new Links and Wrong Kebari with Tungsten Bead.

August 4: Added in Zenmai on Oni Hooks, cleaned up the Contents Page.

July 29: Added in Nissin Tenkara Mini and Simple Utility Belt

July 28: Added in Ketchum, Idaho

July 2: Added in Keiichi Okushi's #43 Story of Genryu, "Mountain Streams Disappearing Into a Dam"

June 28: Re-evaluating why I do what I do here and within the community. Feeling re-invigorated about Tenkara-Fisher. Will finish Jun Maeda interview.

June 22: Finally school is over. Last weekend I took my boys packrafting Glen Canyon but it was not a fishing trip. This weekend I took a day trip to Brookville and Gold Valley.

June 2: Closer to being done with school! I will be done next weekend so I can begin fishing and writing again. I did manage to put up "Oni School" page.

May 21: Still busy with school and work, no time for writing interviews but I did manage to fix some links on the links page. I received the Nissin Tenkara Mini today, fantastic rod, very much like the Nissin Mini V3.

May 11: I am busy with school and work, very little time to write. I did upload "Yuzo Sebata Introduces Tenkara Outside of Japan in 1990"

April 21: Writing Jun Maeda interview, updating Sakura page, working on "Packrafting Glen Canyon (April)

April 18: Added Karin Miller interview.

April 17: Answering Karin Miller questions for her interview.

April 12: Added Paul Gaskell interview.

April 11: Working on "Packrafting Glen Canyon (April)" Submitted "Just One Thing" piece to Anthony Naples.

April 7: Added in "Honryu Tenkara"

April 5: Added in "Patagonia Middle Fork Packable Waders" Secured Brent J. Auger interview. Working on Jun Maeda interview and Jun Yossy.

April 4: Added in "Patagonia Wader Workstation"

April 3: Sent Karin Miller her interview.

March 30: Put together "Gnome's Traveling Rod Show"

March 24: Finishing up Karin Miller interview, started "Packrafting Glen Canyon (April)" with my old friend, S.Brooks Bedwell. I have not seen him in a few years. He and I get together from time to time to go fishing. I'm turning him on to packrafting and he has been with me up to 9-mile before. He is a talented photographer so we will get some great pictures. Alpacka is going to feature Ziggy and my story soon, can't wait and bought a 2 place packraft! Anyway, back at the site work.

March 12: Finished and post "Packrafting Glen Canyon (March)" Added in photographs to the Gamakatsu Suimu EX.

March 5: Added in Flydestruction to the Links page. Working on "Just One Thing" for Anthony Naples site, Casting Around.

March 3: Added Tenkara Tracks to the Links page. Secured Jun Yossy for an interview.

March 2: Added in Tenkaraman blog to the Links page. Housecleaning the home page. Added in Language Translation.

March 1: I completed the Paul Gaskell interview by adding in the photography and fixing a couple of minor dictation errors. Editing Packrafting Glen Canyon (March) story. Contacting Jun Yossy for interview.

February 26: I got the file back for the Paul Gaskell interview and am formatting it, waiting on images to add in. Working on Karin Miller interview.

February 24: Working on Karin Miller interview, starting Jun Maeda interview,  working on Glen Canyon Packrafting (March) story. Adding in "We Choose Barbless Hook" logo/link.

February 17: Working on Glen Canyon Packrafting (March) story/packlist. Updated the Links page.

February 16: Sent Paul Gaskell interview off. Currently writing Karin Miller interview. Secured Jun Maeda interview. Updating and adding in new Japanese tenkara sites to the Links page.

February 15: Deep into writing the Paul Gaskell interview, looking forward finishing it. Starting to develop the content for the Karin Miller interview. Reviewing content from Soseki Yamamoto's book, "The World of Fly Fishing; Tenkara Secrets" for my upcoming vise time.

February 11: Posted "Other Tools for Tenkara Fishing, a Minimalist Approach" Reviewing the full quiver of Zen Tenkara rods for upcoming interview with Karin Miller. Commited to a date for the back haul services on the Colorado! We will announce this soon.

February 7: Updating and adding in new Japanese tenkara sites to the Links page.

February 6: Uploaded David West Beale interview, got the commitment from Karin Miller for her interview, Zen Tenkara sending a batch of rods for familiarization, working on additional research resources for the Links page, secured backhaul reservations for Mar 9 pack raft trip at the Colorado River with Siegfried Forster.

February 4: Updated Fujino Soft Tenkara and Fujino Straight Line pages, updated "About Us" Ordered "World of Fly Fishing; Tenkara Secrets and To Fish in the Valley of Mystery"

February 3: Added in the Gamakatsu Suimu EX 5m page, added in Fujino Soft Tenkara Long Type page, added in "Backing Type" line page.

February 1: Finished and sent David West Beale interview, started Paul Gaskell interview.

January 25: Worked on and posted Michael Agneta interview.

January 24: Added in Tenkara Tales link. Started David West Beale interview.

January 20: Added books and many new blogs and business in Links page.

January 19: Added What's New page - cleaning up Links page - Notes: Add in tenkara blogs, videos, categorize Japanese tenkara experts blog/links - finalizing Michael Agneta interview questions.

Notes: Generate found feathers and blue fly pages. Photograph and add to the tamo page my new Mankyu tamo

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