Sunline Extra Cast Fluorocarbon 8m Tapered Clear Line


Sunline Extra Cast #3.5 is the lighter version of the #4.5 Long Cast. These lines are quite possibly one of the stealthiest lines available. Both are clear and with a 3m taper. The lines straight off the spool are actually 9 meters in length. You can adjust the line however you want, take off the tip and butt or purely off the butt end, your choice. If you are using this line, you know what you want.

The line is clear, that alone is an indication that this is not a line for someone starting out. Often when casting, this line simply disappears and at that point, I'm fishing by feel which is really what I choose this line for. That and to help concentrate my attention at the fly.

If you have been doing tenkara for more than a few seasons, you deserve to try this line. It is next level tenkara as in, stealth.

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