Fujino Soft Tenkara White

Fujino makes great lines, I have used many like the Hisao Ishigaki's Straight type and the Soft Tenkara Long type. The White Tenkara line is a nearly clear tapered Nylon line available in four lengths, 3 - 3.3 - 3.6 and 4m lengths. The lines come with a petite loop for attaching to the lillian. The tip of the line is small enough for a 5-turn clinch knot on a tippet ring which I use exclusively with all my Fujino lines.

Nylon is lighter than fluorocarbon and that really helps with low angle extension and drape. The white color is nearly clear, and I consider it one of the stealthiest tenkara lines commercially available. This line disappears and longer lengths and although it is easy casting, if you are not accurate and understand how to put your fly exactly where you want, I suggest skipping this line and staying with any color line of your choosing.

As the seasons go by and I advance in my tenkara skills, I find that I want to "feel" my line more than I want to see it. Yes, I can see the kebari, where it is even using absolutely small hook sizes (I use my imagination) and as it is moving. I'm not so interested in being distracted by a colored line. I indicate by vision if I am able, but I am learning that feel is very important.

Let me explain.

My fishing is visual. I know where the fish are if I cannot see them. If I can't see them, I place my kebari where they are. If I cannot see my kebari or the fish, I am still looking where my fly is for any indication of a fish eating my fly, all of this is first before my line comes into detection. I want a line that can deliver my kebari and I want to know what the line is doing while it is in the air. If I do not know what I can do with my cast, I cannot focus on where to put my kebari. This line casts well and is easy to understand where the line is going if I back cast upwards or backwards into a hole in the trees. I always look behind me if I am fishing a tunnel stream to understand if I can thread the needle behind me. All this being written, the last thing I want is a garrish pink, orange, yellow or green colored line to distract my vision and imagination of where the kebari and trout are. Never mind how some trout are line shy and spooked, I don't want to see the line. I do want to see the line if possible but that is way down on the list of priorities (accuracy, spatial orientation of my cast, delivery, sight of fly, sight of fish.) 

Most unseen takes I can visualize the shape of the drape, it changes, moves...


I can see droplets on this line, they help with indication, a little something on the line picked up from the water, all of this helps.

I don't want color; I do want to feel the line and be able to deliver it exactly how I want, and this line will do that.

If you are interested in advancing your skills, this is the steppingstone to do that.

Or not.

I must say that there are very few others that are on this path outside of Japan. I know of no company that sells tenkara lines that has created a clear or nearly clear tenkara line. Let alone one that is easy to manage and deliver the line exactly the way I want to deliver it.

Besides a clear premium soft fluorocarbon fishing line that I adapt for tenkara, this is one of my two favorite tenkara lines specifically made for ease of casting and absolute stealth.

I'm not the only tenkara fisher looking for these attributes in my fishing, the Japanese are doing it and offering excellent lines to take your skills to the next level.

Fujino Website

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