TenkaraFromJapan YouTube channel for Instructional Tenkara Fishing Video by Hisao Ishigaki

I want to introduce a Japanese tenkara friend that is working to gently make available, Japanese tenkara enthusiasm and instruction. Tanaka san is working with Hisao Ishigaki and he also is a conservationist for Japanese streams and rivers.

You may find his youtube channel where all the videos are; TenkaraFromJapan


Good morning.

My full name is Satsuki Tanaka.

Thank you for your help.

I will tell you a little story other than this project.

In fact, Japanese rivers are in a very critical state.
The cause is that the river management system is old.

For this reason, my strong interest with Tenkara is “river regeneration.”

There is a river called “Dandogawa” in Aichi prefecture.
Here, we are working with Dr. Ishigaki and other members.

The river has been active since 2016 and was completely free of fish.
However, the number of fish has increased and more than 1000 anglers visit every year.

We are also creating a system that allows licenses to be purchased online in order to renew the old management system.

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