Gnome's Travelling Rod Show

Jeff Hatton is an old acquaintance, a friend, a gentleman that influenced me greatly when I was making bamboo fly rods. In 2009, I learned about tenkara and about that time, I moved into a home that did not have a room for my rod making so I closed shop. I had a rod that I was working on that wasn't finished. I made it in the style of exposed mortised handle (no cork) with wood pieces in between the bamboo strips. A very precise style of bamboo rod construction solely made in the style of Jeff Hatton. I sent the rod to him and it was returned with a beautiful case and gorgeous furnishing's. Jeff appreciated that I had made this rod in his honor...

Jeff, aka, "the gnome" is a fly fishing historian. He has written a couple of books on fly fishing and also has a collection of historical fly rods that rivals any in existence. 

I urge you to locate and view the collection if you are in Colorado.

Classic Fly Rod Forum: Jeff Hatton Traveling Collection
Classic Fly Rod Forum: Inner View with the Gnome

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