fishing water wheel 8/11/19

When ever you read "fishing water wheel" at tenkara-fisher, it is the East Verde just North of Payson, the closest stream to my house. Today took 65 minutes to get there by car. Not bad.

What is bad is this is the confluence of Ellison Creek and the East Verde River, in a canyon that is popular with swimmers. This is the place where in 2017, ten people in one family were killed in a torrential flash flood. Out of respect, I did not take pictures of the memorials along the stream where they found the bodies. It is very morose...

Moving on, it's close to home and there are plenty of fish to be caught, even in high and chocolate water. We moved up the canyon to third crossing and walked the road back down the canyon to the car.

I've been using the Wrong Fly with a small tungsten bead tyed in and today it was the ticket. I caught a couple of types of rainbow, about a dozen fish in all. Super happy with this pattern, I've caught fish with it everywhere, it is my go to fly for sure.

Bendo in my Furaibo

As you can see, the water is chocolate brown and high from the run off from recent storms. The flash flooding that occurs is when there are active storms in the area. The last storms in the area where greater than 12 hours before and I am always careful about fishing here. I know about flash flooding from early on when I was a kid.

We caught a lot of fish today, just what Jimmy and I needed. It's a nice place to run up to, and escape. It is noon and I've been back for a while collecting the images and writing down my notes.


  1. Nice to have that reliable and familiar resource relatively nearby. Looks like more than enough to scratch an itch.

    1. It's the closest stream to my home. It's an escape, not my favorite but I like to visit now and then even though it is so depressing knowing all those people died there in a flash flood...

  2. Looks great! Nice fly. I like the color too, black. That's generally the color I use 95% of the time. The other 5% is a black variation, LOL. Is the water normally that color or was it due to recent rain?

    1. Thanks! I've been working on it for a while and it has caught fish everywhere and some of my friends that are pretty serious tenkara fishermen have used it to catch and it works.

      The water is off color, chocolate milk after a recent rain. Even without rain, it's a little dirty, just lots of dry dirt and dust, it gets semi clear sometimes. Even when it's off color, I just fish like I normally do and catch fish. It's sort of cool, they just appear.

      FJ, hope you are well.