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February 16: Sent Paul Gaskell interview off. Currently writing Karin Miller interview. Secured Jun Maeda interview. Updating and adding in new Japanese tenkara sites to the Links page.

February 15: Deep into writing the Paul Gaskell interview, looking forward finishing it. Starting to develop the content for the Karin Miller interview. Reviewing content from Soseki Yamamoto's book, "The World of Fly Fishing; Tenkara Secrets" for my upcoming vise time.

February 11: Posted "Other Tools for Tenkara Fishing, a Minimalist Approach" Reviewing the full quiver of Zen Tenkara rods for upcoming interview with Karin Miller. Commited to a date for the back haul services on the Colorado! We will announce this soon.

February 7: Updating and adding in new Japanese tenkara sites to the Links page.

February 6: Uploaded David West Beale interview, got the commitment from Karin Miller for her interview, Zen Tenkara sending a batch of rods for familiarization, working on additional research resources for the Links page, secured backhaul reservations for Mar 9 pack raft trip at the Colorado River with Siegfried Forster.

February 4: Updated Fujino Soft Tenkara and Fujino Straight Line pages, updated "About Us" Ordered "World of Fly Fishing; Tenkara Secrets and To Fish in the Valley of Mystery"

February 3: Added in the Gamakatsu Suimu EX 5m page, added in Fujino Soft Tenkara Long Type page, added in "Backing Type" line page.

February 1: Finished and sent David West Beale interview, started Paul Gaskell interview.

January 25: Worked on and posted Michael Agneta interview.

January 24: Added in Tenkara Tales link. Started David West Beale interview.

January 20: Added books and many new blogs and business in Links page.

January 19: Added What's New page - cleaning up Links page - Notes: Add in tenkara blogs, videos, categorize Japanese tenkara experts blog/links - finalizing Michael Agneta interview questions.


Notes: Order Tairiki Snaps

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