Fujino Soft Tenkara Long Type

Fujino makes great tenkara lines. I use the Straight Line and now I am using the Soft Tenkara Long Type. I've read in some circles that the 10m was a good line to practice casting with. That if you were practicing and able to straighten the line, you were doing well. I bought one and it is easy to cast, I'm wondering why people say to use it to practice casting? I'm using the 7m for fishing and I have a river in mind where I will use the 10m.

I rig in a tippet ring to the tip of the line. It comes pre-rigged with a stopper knot. The tippet ring is easy to tye in and I use "Knot Sense" to lock the knot.

This line has memory and straightening it is necessary before fishing. It does not take much, just run it through your fingers stretching it gently. It straightens out nicely and the taper is nice at the tip. This line drapes well and I recommend that you try it if you are looking for an easy casting long line. 

For those of you following along, below you will find the Fujino company links and also Christophe' Laurent's "Tenkara Enso" blog. I have read a couple of reviews on the Fujino lines and Chrisophe' and I seem to agree closely, our styles of tenkara are similar.

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