A few years ago, I requested help from Keiichi Okushi in obtaining a Hanko from Japan. I was told that I needed a "Rakkan" or pen name to make the Kanji for a Hanko.

Okushi-san consulted Sebata-san and he gave me my pen name.


We pronounce 幽 yu, 玄 gen, 釣 cho. 幽玄 means profound taste, and 釣 means fishing.


The first time I heard about a rakkan was from John Vetterli. I did not understand the process so I mention John because he knew about it and looking back, it made sense to me now.

This is the story behind my Hanko and Rakkan from Keiichi and Sebata-san.

White Mountain Fishing 6/11/17

Apache Trout dink
We put in a lot of effort to catch one of these but it is really worth it. This weekend was another whirlwind trip to the White Mountains. We took off Saturday at 3p, ran up to Silver Creek and fished a couple of hours, spent the night in Springerville. Woke up o-dark thirty and blazed over to the West Fork of the Black River and up to the headwaters of Thompson Creek.

We then went over and sampled the Little Colorado up to the second meadow.

It was a really fun fishing adventure.

Photos by Adam Trahan and John Sachen

Salt River Canyon, climbing out on the North side

A forest fire burns...

Beautiful Silver Creek in Show Low

After the drive to the West Fork of the Black River

Walking the walk

John taking pictures with his iPhone

We had just seen a bear, he is watching us in the tree line

Early Times

Smelled very minty

500 miles RT

Miles Hiked: 7-8

Animals Seen


Fish Caught x 1 (Apache Trout)


Adam Trahan

Adam Trahan

In 2016, I was awarded the title, "Tenkara Ambassador" by Daniel Galhardo of Tenkara USA. I am humbled by this appointment. Daniel interviewed me in 2014, you can find that interview here.

Below are some of my favorite tenkara-fisher articles that I have written or have organized.

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I choose a minimalist style on stream, my wading equipment is Japanese and so are a lot of the choices I make for shore lunch, hiking and camping.

I take inspiration from Soseki Yamamoto, a Japanese author of many keiryu books that include the community and his friends, tenkara anglers from all over Japan.

I have written articles for Tenkara (the magazine) and Tenkara Angler magazine. Together with John Sachen, Michael Agneta, Daniel Galhardo, Keiichi Okushi and Yuzo Sebata, we bring to you our enthusiasm for tenkara. I enjoy being able to bring to you, the interesting world of the tenkara fisher.