Gamakatsu Multiflex Suimu EX 5m

I use a couple of different lines with mine. A Fujino Soft Tenkara Long Type 7m, a #3.5 Oni Pink with a .5m clear fluorocarbon tip, and a Backing Type 7m line, all lines terminated in a tippet ring.

This rod really shines with a 7m line.

Dr. Tom DavisTeton Tenkara - Gamakatsu Multflex Suimu 4.0m Review
Tenkara-Fisher: Gamakatsu Multiflex Suimu 4.0m - Suimu EX 5m
Gamakatsu Multiflex Suimu
Gamakatsu Multiflex Suimu (English translated)

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