Other Tools for Tenkara Fishing, a Minimalist Approach

I quit fly fishing about ten years ago to learn tenkara. The web site you are reading represents my research, what I found out then, what I practice and new discoveries in my tenkara. When I quit fly fishing small streams, I did not forget the things that worked for me, where the fish were, the knots I used, my bits of equipment that worked to release the fish, forceps, nippers, rigging skills, that sort of thing.

I read a lot about tenkara in all types of media. I research the practices of modern Japanese tenkara anglers as well as the American and other enthusiasts outside of Japan. I compare and contrast against my own practices and I am constantly self reviewing what I use and how I use it.

There are a few things that have not changed in my core practice of tenkara, here are a few of the tools that I have been using for many decades.

For reference, here is an article I wrote about 20 years ago called "Minimalist Approach"

In review, I carry far less items than I did back then and at that point, I was very unique. Small stream fly fishing was not popular and a minimalist fisherman? Only my counterparts in Japan did this and it was normal, no one differentiating, certainly no one there wrote about it...

Here are some other things you might be interested in...

Line Rigging and Rod Repair Kit
Travel Tying Kit
Tenkara Minimalist

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