Zenmai on Oni Hooks

I try all different kinds of hooks, this one, an Oni bait hook has always intrigued me so I bought a pack and stuck it in the bottom of my fly tying kit. I found it the other day and decided that I was going to get down to tying a few to try. 

Recently, I went to Ketchum, Idaho and one day there I was having difficulty catching on my goto fly, the "wrong kebari." I had some Sebata-san magic zenmai kebari with me (I always carry a few) and picked one that color matched the insect that was hatching. I started catching and finished the day with that kebari, it really caught a lot of fish. 

I have not tied with zenmai in a while so I decided to tye up a few kebari on my interesting Oni bait hooks and the following is a little photo essay that I put together.

Notes: The Oni hook (not Masami Sakakibara as he is known as Oni) is a bait hook for keiryu fishing. It has nothing to do with Tenkara no Oni. I use Griffin silk bead cord in #1 for this hook as it is an extremely light wire hook. #2 silk bead cord, which I normally use is a little too heavy. 

If you would like to try some zenmai yourself, you can get it from Keiichi Okushi at TenkaraYa at this link.

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