Zimmerbuilt Tailwater Pack

My Tailwater pack loaded up with lots of photography, hiking and fishing equipment
I've got a magic backpack. It's super light and it goes with me everywhere. I use it at home, I use it when I travel, I even use it when I'm not fishing. It just fits on my back, as it should and like my Sling Lite, it's not there, till I need it and then I have all my stuff. 

The Zimmerbuilt Tailwater Pack I use is a few years old. I've customized it, sewn on patches from friends and cool things I like.

When I'm traveling, I use it for shopping and to put a thermos and something to eat in it. I'll carry a rain jacket, depending on the weather. It's not just a tenkara pack, it's a day pack for sure.

A Nissin Pocket Mini V3 can be found in it somewhere too.

Sewing on patches

Each patch means something...

Morning coffee and a quick break
I carry a lot of stuff in it. Sometimes a chair but all the time I have the Therm-a-Rest Lite Seat, a self inflating sit pad. It fits in the pack and is perfect for pulling out when you are tired for a comfy ass seat. The pack seems like it was made for it and the Lite Seat made for the Tailwater Pack.

Looking for a compact day pack that will serve your tenkara fishing needs?

I really like my pack

Zimmerbuilt used this one for their advertising some time ago

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