Re-Purposed PET Bottle, "Early Times"

It's easy to take the sticker off in some hot water...

I learned about the little pocket bottle (for water) from Yoshikazu Fujioka, I can't remember when, it has been years. I've known Fujioka-san for like 20 years now. Anyway, I saw it on his web site and I thought to myself, "Hey, what can it hurt to get a 1/2 pint of Kentucky Whiskey and give it a try?" 

I did.

Not just any bottle of whiskey, has to be "Early Times" as the bottle is curved. The other PET bottles are rounded on both sides, the Early Times bottle is curved in on one side, makes is a bit more stealthy and rides in your small pocket much better.

When I end up hiking way farther than I should have, didn't bring a water, don't have my pack or a filter, I have this little bottle in my front pants or shorts pocket for a drink. It has saved me more than once because it is so small and light. It fits nicely in the wax pocket of my surf trunks very well.

Now I carry the bottle with me everywhere I go. When I go check music, hiking, moving around, I always have it. I have one for the city and another for country. It has come in so handy that I bought another one for my monk bag that I carry around every day.

It has become a part of my kit.

Check it out.

Daniel Galhardo brought Fujioka-san to the 2015 Tenkara Summit


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    1. I think so too Larry. I often fill mine up with Bulliet bourbon, my favorite on the water spirit. Many days have been spent nipping at that. I have a larger one for water, it is curved. I need to get a picture of that in the article.