Zimmerbuilt Sling Lite

I'll just be blunt, I can't stand reviewing equipment. I'm not a salesmen, I just use what I use.

I don't have an agenda, I will only tell you what I really like.

It's cool when I gather together people that are like me or I'm like them and we use the same equipment. I don't know anyone that uses this bag, I picked it out myself. My friends use the larger version but I'm not a big fan of carrying a lot in a sling bag. They are an asymmetrical load on my shoulder. I purposefully cast switch in order to be proficient on both sides of the stream and thinking about using a sling bag? Well, it's just been off my radar until my last trip to Japan where I closely followed anglers that used sling type bags.

Adam Klagsbrun and his Zimmerbuilt Guide Sling
I saw the benefits and decided to give my own a try.

I chose the Zimmerbuilt Sling Lite bag for those trips that I need a little bit more than what I can carry in my pockets and much less than what I usually put in a backpack. I've been carrying mine now for about 8 months and I really like it. I am really picky about my gear, I do not use equipment that is not functional, the Sling Lite is more than functional, it's downright forgettable. 

Wearing it all day, my shoulder isn't tired at all, as a matter of fact, I can't tell I have it on when I'm casting. It's just there, designed as it should be, to move with you.

Typically, I carry a Thermarest Z-fold sit pad that serves a couple of purposes. I put it in the zipped main storage to insulate cold or warm bottles or thermos type drinks for my lunch. It also pads my back against things poking around in the Sling Lite. I also carry a small micro-fiber towel, a Mont Bell hiking and wading staff, a Snow Peak Titanium Sake set if I'm celebrating something with my friends. A stove and a cook pot and a couple repurposed "Early Times" whiskey bottles filled with water. I don't carry all of these things although they would all fit in the pack, usually it's a combination of these items depending on who brought what for a shore lunch.

The contents of my Sling Lite the last time I used it were as follows.

Micro Fiber towel
Small Emergency Kit
2ea Pint Bottles (repurposed Early Times whiskey bottles)

I'll stuff in a sandwich or a bento lunch in there as well. 

The Sling Lite is really light, comfortable, non-restrictive and it has room for a puffy jacket too. I have not felt the need for anything larger. The Tenkara Guide Sling is larger, if you want more volume which I do not. If I want more, I will carry a backpack like the Zimmerbuilt Tailwater pack.

My own Zimmerbuilt Kaizen Pack, which I designed goes right along with my Sling Lite. I also use my own Tenkara USA Strap Pack, I like them both. Which ever one I'm using, I carry it over my opposite shoulder because it is so light and small, just enough for my tenkara fishing supplies.

If you are interested in a Zimmerbuilt Sling Lite or any of the gear mentioned in this piece, know that I use and enjoy it.

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