Release Box for Study

I have always wanted one of these (for many years) since I started researching the different strains, the different types of trout and char, it is a Release Box for fish ID and photography.

My interest leads me to the different blogs found on the Front Page of the site and found this one on I am going to buy one for my adventures and start using it to catalog the fish in my streams.

What relevance does this have to my fishing?

It is my own idea for progression in my study of Ichthyology. It is my own interest, what I want to do, photograph fish and have a little bit more time to do it while being humane.

I think the release box is a great way to do this.

Using tenkara techniques to fish, I am catching a lot more fish. I often catch a strain of trout that I don't know what it really is. For identification sake, I would rather have the box in my pack and pull it out when needed and take the shot. It would not be necessary to box every fish, overkill. However if I have the box, after cataloging what I want, when I do happen into a strain that I can not readily classify, I will be ready to take an image that I can forward to those who can if I am unable at home.

I think it is an excellent idea and the time has come for me to act on it.