Love Letter to Tenkara

I love tenkara.


It is the way I choose to find myself. 


It helps me.


Because there is more to tenkara than fishing.




Being in the forest or even on the river, alone or with a friend or two in the distance is the way I relax and charge my life battery. Tenkara-Fisher is the result of my desire to share what I do in the forest, the effect that it has on me.


It wasn't easy for me to discover Japanese tenkara. I cannot read Japanese and to research the history, that would have to be done in the Japanese language. I began to make friendships with Japanese people that were interested in helping me learn the history the story of tenkara.


I researched tenkara in a few different directions, the Internet, from my peers in Japan, and the history of tenkara in Japanese books and magazines. I chose to be diverse in my research, diversity is necessary in all walks of life, and I have recognized diversity as an attribute rather than limitations.


Japanese tenkara fishers home pages is where I found what I was looking for. This web site is purposefully made with that in mind. We are a noncommercial home page however we use the equipment that is commercially available. The site is made by a small core of individuals, yet it contains much of the larger community of international tenkara fishers.


It is written by an American and a Japanese expert, a collaboration of perspectives with a heavy lean in Japanese tradition.


I hope you enjoy the site.


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