Zimmerbuilt Custom Products

Chris Zimmerbuilt knows tenkara, high tech fabrics and customer service. *I’ve worked with him on several projects now and all have been nothing less than stellar performance in travel, trail and on the stream.

My wife often grabs one of my packs to use for our trips to the mountains and to the beach. She likes the Tailwater because it isn't bulky and is easy to carry and store. When it is empty, she can wad it up and stuff it into her purse or luggage.

I have traveled to Japan on a great adventure and I chose the Tailwater pack to use as my primary bag. Not only did it perform flawlessly, I forgot about it quite a bit, it just disappears on my back until I need something out of it.

My fishing bag, the Kaizen was designed after my first trip to Japan. I imagined what I wanted and put it together and sent it off to Chris. He sewed it up and sent my idea back. I've been using it since. I have taken it to Japan, Hawaii, exploring the distant rivers and streams in the Western United States. That little bag is a part of my idea of tenkara, if it can't be fit in my bag, I don't need it.

I’ve been amiss in my thanks to Chris for the last couple of pieces of my kit that he put together for me. When I received my latest custom sling pack, I was so impressed as it was exactly as I ordered.

Sending off the request for custom color and configuration I received a response, “Yes, I can do that.” In addition, he sent his address so that I could send my tenkara club patch to be sewn on. I like the stock colors Chris offers yet I’m a big fan of custom colors and white cloth for the main body of my pack. Often, I will request for this to be taken away or that added on. I draw a picture and I get back what I requested, the first time, better or exactly as I asked.

Off the patch went in an envelope addressed to Chris and in short order, my sling lite arrived in my mailbox.

My latest customized minimalist tailwater pack already has a lot of multi-sport adventures behind it. Hatsuhinode, hiking, long walks into the forest, cross country trips, the beach, bike rides and more. 

Putting this article together, searching out the images, I feel like Chris has really contributed to the advancement in my tenkara. I am grateful of his kindness, and I appreciate what he does.

* I receive no compensation from Chris Zimmer or Zimmerbuilt in any way. I am a customer, and a friend, no business.


  1. Exactly. I've got two of his tenkara packs, which do double duty while hiking, and the Guide Sling pack.

  2. Hi Chris I'm a builder of laminated landing nets and recently have built a few TAMO TENKARA style nets I'm looking for Japanese fine mesh flat bottom bags or people who can supply them .my hoop is 9.5" Dia Thanks Ken