Making a Tamo

Always in my pack, gloves and my pocket saw
Making My Own Tamo

Since finding out about tenkara, I’ve always been interested in the round nets that the anglers in Japan used. For me, they are iconic much like the sakasa kebari. Many of the nets or tamo are made out of a tree branch. They are made by selecting, bending, curing, splicing and finishing. I own two that are from a shop in Japan. I like the fine monofilament net bag that are color blend on the Mankyu Net makers shop.

The traditional nets are not perfect, the flaws, whether they be knots or bends in the branch are accepted and worked with. I really enjoy this aesthetic, it is one of my favorite aspects of the tamo.

Recently, I’ve decided to make my own.

I will detail my study and progress at this thread.

I hope you become inspired to possibly make your own...



August 29, 2019 Ordered a 35cm akane (red to yellow fade) net bag and thread mounting kit


Supply List

Curing: Parafin Wax, Zip Ties, Twine

Splicing: Fine Pull Saw, bamboo toothpicks

Miscellaneous: Mineral Spirits


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