I've run out of stickers. I made 100 a long time ago and have given them out with T-shirts, to friends and have stuck them up in distant places but they are gone (except a couple for myself.)

I'm going to order more and possibly enamel pins, I've always wanted a pin for my hat, jacket, bag or vest.

Which design do you like the best?

Please indicate by commenting below.

I'm going to order more stickers, maybe a patch or an enamel pin and give them to people that donate to the site.

Thank you.


  1. If there is a lack of interest, I will choose the white boarder design and make a small batch of 25 each of the enamel pin 1.25" square.

  2. Really like the blue background. Very nice design Adam.

  3. #3 and #1: both with white backgrounds in that order