Found Feathers

I'm a utilitarian tyer at best, I do it because I should if I am to call myself a fly fisherman. I am not bad at it, many many people love my craft but it's just a chore. I would rather practice casting than to tye flys. I think you get the message. But I do it and I'm getting better at it over the years.

I think my friend Yoshikazu Fujioka is the best at detailing kebari. His web site, "My Best Streams" is the oldest fly fishing and tenkara site that has a wealth information on kebari and where particular kebari was developed in the watersheds of Japan. Another friend Toshiro Todoroki makes a beautiful site, "Kebari and Fly" which is just awesome. I've got kebari from Todoroki san and have caught several special trout on his patterns.

There are more pages on tying here at tenkara-fisher which I will detail in a new section of the site which I will dedicate to the craft.

Found feathers will be an ongoing project. I find feathers and use them to make kebari or fly and then go fishing with them. I will detail the feather from finding it to the fish I catch. I typically have an idea for the feather when I see it, then I'll tye it for the situation on the stream and use it. Hopefully I'll have a lot of success in the catching part of this project.

Below is the feather which I will start this project with. The two below I will detail in further installments.

Anyway, let's begin...

Found April 29, 2023 walking my dog in the neighborhood

What a cool feather, first thing I thought was, "Found Feather!" and I remembered the story I started some years ago about feathers I found and tied. I will detail the fly/kebari from inception to catch. I actually found the old feather's that I started this draft story back in 2017 and will tye those up soon with the particulars as I am here.

Recipe: Sebata san zenmai, Owner Super Yamame 8.5 keiryu hook, Griffin #2 black silk bead cord

Tye in bead cord loop UNDER the hook and lock with Sally's Hard as Nails, prep feather and tye in and wind feather, tye off, wax thread and spin zenmai on waxed thread, wrap zenmai, whip finish and dot Sally's on whip finish.



Found at Fountain Hills during the 2017 Memorial (disc golf) Championships


Found at Woods Canyon Lake, May of 2017

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