Genryu Fishing of Japan #14

How to Cook Steamed Rice With Hango

Please read this text watching at the following video. It will help you understanding how to cook steamed rice with hango. Please note there are some ways to cook steamed rice with hango and my explanation is slightly different from the video.

1. You can cook steamed rice with hango basically for 2Go, 3Go and 4Go. 1Go = 180cc, and we say 1Go is for 1 person, but for you foreign people, may be 1.5Go is good for 1 person. You can measure the amount of rice using hango. 1 cup of rice with inner cup is 2Go, 1 cup of rice with outer rid is 3Go and 2 cups of rice with inner cup is 4Go. After you put rice in hango, under-line in hango is water level for 2Go of rice, upper-line is for 4Go and middle of lines is for 3Go. In the place of high elevation like mountains or genryu, you should put about 1.5 times the water of the rice amount. (270cc of water for 180cc of rice)

2. Firstly put rice and water in the hango and wash the rice. I always wash by hand but you can wash like the video. I think the video is too tender. You should wash more strongly. The water becomes white, then change water and wash again. Do this 4 or 5 times. At last put the right amount of water and leave it for 30minutes to 1 hour. The rice gets enough water inside.

3. Put the hango on the fire or stove. First 5 to 10 minutes cook over low heat until about steam comes from the inside the hango.

4. Then cook over strong heat for about 2 – 3 minutes. The hango gets a little boil over. Put a stone on the rid to give the pressure to the inside the hango.

5. Adjust the fire to the medium heat and cook until there is no steam coming from inside the hango and you can smell little burnt. We were told that we must not open the hango while cooking, but actually it is OK to open and see the inside. If there are many small holes on the surface of cooked rice and slight burnt at the bottom of the hango, it is good timing to finish cooking. You can taste some rice and if rice has no hard core in it, it is OK to finish cooking.

6. Upside down the hango and leave it for about 15 minutes. This steams rice more and make it tasty. Hit the bottom of the hango lightly not to stick rice on the bottom of the hango.

7. We cook Okazu (Accompanying dish) while steaming rice.

You can cook rice with the hango by using a gas-stove or of course bonfire, but cooking by bonfire is little bit difficult to adjust firepower. I recommend you to take a gas-stove firstly, and if you get used to, try by bonfire.

Our way of eating rice is always eat some accompanying dish with rice together. Like grilled meat and rice, shioyaki fish and rice, Curry and rice. Please do not forget to cook some accompanying dish (We call Okazu) to eat with rice. As I wrote in my previous post, retort curry or China bowl are routine menus for camping dinner.

Bon appetite!