Ultra Minimalist Tenkara Equipment V2

Some years ago, I wrote an article on a Nissin Keiryu rod, the Pocket Mini V3. Although the article stemmed from my experiences in using the Pocket Mini V3 Keiryu rod at home for a year to see if it was valid for a focused tenkara genryu trip in Japan, I placed more emphasis on the minimalist direction in putting together the kit. Looking back on using the Pocket Mini V3 keiryu rod, I realized that I was going in different directions with it, minimalism, compactness and a kit that was went inside of my backpack or carry on. A complete tenkara kit that was easy to grab and bring with me while I travelled; to have for a fishing opportunity, especially during non fishing trips.

Perhaps I think too much about my fishing, the above was even difficult for me to conceptualize into words but I'm going through with it because this is fun for me. This is about what I do and I am sharing it because it is fun to compare notes.


Nissin has created the Tenkara Mini rod and it seems they did it from the Pocket Mini V3. I personally prefer a cork handle and although I enjoy a rod in the 4m class, the 3.2m Tenkara Mini is still an acceptable length for the fishing that I do.

My kit has slightly evolved from the first time that I wrote about it, I now use the Tenkara Mini and am in the process of designing a bag that will double as a net holder/water bottle carrier slash entire kit bag.

In all that I do, I try to minimize my tenkara equipment, especially my travel kit. That minimization is a positive attribute to the method of tenkara. It forces me to concentrate just on what works and minimizes things that do not.

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