Tenkara USA Summit 2017 Packing List

It's about time I detail what I'm brining to the Tenkara USA Summit 2017. I do this every time I take a big trip somewhere. This one is easy. It's a short flight and only 4 total days and three nights. I travelled to Japan with a back up bag, the Transporter 40 from Osprey. It's like a duffle bag with shoulder straps. Compact, it will stuff easily overhead or under the front seat in an airplane. Traveling with a single carry on bag is quite liberating. It's truly the way to travel.

Osprey Transporter 40

I don't use a dedicated camera so I use my iPhone 7. I take notes with it and it's just a great little computer.

Iphone 7

For a little more computing power, I use my MacBook. I'll push my presentation out of it. It's so small and compact, it take up very little space.


I'll be staying in a home in Estes Park but I'll still carry on a quilt and pillow, it's just so small and compact, and more importantly, warm.

Aeros Pillow
Revelation Quilt

My fishing gear is already quite compact so that's no big deal. I use the same thing everywhere, that list changes very little.

Ito - Sato - Rhodo
Micro Pack - Strap Pack
Pocket Net
Mont Bell wading boots
Simms Neoprene Socks
REI Liner Socks
Caravan Spats
Mont Bell UL wading/hiking pole
Ultra-Sil Travel Back Pack

Clothes are simple. No cotton, all performance cloths that perform if wet and well, they wear well for more than just a day. I tend to use clothes that do double duty. All of the list do that.

Prana Stretch Zion Pant
Adidas track pants
Columbia Shirt
MontBell shirt
Patagonia Capelene shirt
Socks x 3
Houdini Jacket
Torrentshell Jacket
Nano Puff Vest

Just a quick list. People seem to like this sort of thing so here is mine. All of this will fit inside of the Transporter 40. My rods will be in a hardshell zip case. My two other traveling companions who are taking the same day flights may stuff their rods in my case to keep things easy. Now that I've written this, I'll probably stuff a Pocket Mini V3 inside the Transporter carry on, just in case I am separated from my rods. They are so small, there is no excuse to not have one, just in case...

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