Akakuzure-sawa, Fukushima, Japan

Gathering point at the Akakuzure-sawa Trailhead

Maruyama-san and Kozue Sanbe and one of the crew

Keiichi Okushi, Keiji Ito and Kazuo Kurahashi

There were springs like this everywhere, clean enough to drink

Headed to the trailhead with Kozue Sanbe and Sebata-san

We where given access to the unfinished highway to access the area

Our insertion point to the river

Beautiful mountains of the Akaiwayama region

Mystical indeed

Heavy packs, we are off on our adventure

Hey Adam!

Adam Klagsbrun breaks out and un-folds his rod first

I headed up in front to check it out, look at what we are hiking miles through

Keiichi and Maruyama-san setting up the tenba (tarp camp)

Go Ishii getting ready to go fishing

Maruyama-san taking pictures of Keiji Ito. He is a senior photographer for Headwaters Magazine

Go Ishii and Maruyama-san

Keiichi Okushi and Maruyama-san

Headed upriver

Taking turns on each section

Our first climb, not so bad but we used an assist rope

Adam Klagsbrun fighting a plunge pool Iwana

Maruyama-san fishing the dual falls

I climbed above the falls after Keiichi set the rope

Go Ishii and I fishing together

Maruyama-san starting the fire at our camp

Gathering wood and readying for the evening's party

Keiji Ito making dinner

Party at tenba, it was raining all night, a little worried about the river rising

Keiji Ito an Adam Trahan

Kazuo Kurahashi

Maruyama-san taking pictures

Morning before packing up to head back, still raining

My iPhone was soaked through, I was unable to pull out on the way back to the pick up point

My phone was fogged up

Waiting for pick up, we made a quick lunch

Driving back to the Bansho
After the fishing, we went back to the bansho. Everything I owned was wet so I meet Isaac-san and we drove to the local laundry mat to dry our stuff. We had a big party at the bansho when we got back. The rest of the story can be found HERE.

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